Flow Billing App

Custom Web App / Web Development

Cloud Based Utility Billing Application

Blue Stingray developed a custom cloud billing application for small utility companies that will allow for simplified data tracking and a more efficient billing process. The application features a modern, clean user interface that is both intuitive and easy to use.

A Cost Efficient Solution

Most current utility billing applications have large upfront costs and substantial licensing, annual maintenance and upgrade fees. Flow is available at a single low-cost monthly fee to give utility companies an easier way to control their budgets.

Fully Customizable Features

Flow users are able to customize the web application and drop in new features easily through a clean, simple user interface. This high level of customization will enhance workflow while eliminating the inflexibility associated with other billing software packages.

Simple Modern Interface

Poor interface design is the most common complaint with older billing applications; many of the most common tools on the market have clunky options, steep learning curves and non-intuitive designs. With a simple interface developed by an award-winning design team (TAM Awards 2014), Flow bypasses those issues and presents a much cleaner experience.

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