Responsive Design / Web Development

Crisp Layout

Gregory excels in design and engineering, and they needed a site that matched that level of professionalism. The features of their new site do just that, allowing their products and services to speak for themselves.

Responsive Design

Serving a wide range of customers across different states, Gregory needed a web presence that would clearly communicate their value to customers of all sizes. Gregory’s new site has a fluid design which loads quickly and is accessible on any device. Relevant information about their services is easy to access.

Clean and Organized

Gregory’s new site reflects their unique expertise and makes critical information easily accessible. By merging simple design and intuitive navigation, Blue Stingray directs visitors to relevant information, product examples, and avenues for contact.

Custom Color Picker Tool

Gregory has always had an interest in individualizing their products but have never had a streamlined way to display this to their clients. With their new Container Color Picking Tool, customers can easily see Gregory’s capabilities and select a color that represents their business as well.

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