Healthy App

Responsive Design / Web Development

Android App Development

Healthy App is an Android productivity and monitoring tool, created to give powerful new resources to parents, students, business owners and other mobile device users. Blue Stingray’s design team created the app to the client’s specifications, implementing requested features and providing detailed guidance.

Productivity Monitoring Tools

Blue Stingray created a user interface that allows Healthy App users to establish goals, set limits and improve productivity. The app also offers health-focused tips, ensuring a positive effect overall.

Innovative App Features

Healthy App is designed to be difficult (but not impossible) to disable, and it gives parents a safe, secure way to promote healthy habits. Blue Stingray found innovative methods to enhance the app’s functionality while still providing the best possible user experience.

Dedicated Web Application

Blue Stingray also developed a full web application to complement the Android App. The web application has a sophisticated set of reporting tools and user controls for enhanced ease of use.

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