Solus Group

Responsive Design / Web Development / E-Commerce

Magento E-Commerce

An e-commerce website should be flexible, powerful and intuitive at every level. Blue Stingray has assisted Solus with their Magento site, enhancing efficiency while creating tools that help Solus staff carry out updates and other essential operations.

Industrial E-Commerce

Blue Stingray helped Solus create an industrial e-commerce solution that provides a simpler ordering process for customers. By drawing on their substantial experience with the Magento platform, Blue Stingray’s experts were able to streamline internal processes and implement a smoother user experience with intuitive navigation features.

Custom Solutions

Simplified procedures allow for a smoother workflow. Blue Stingray provided Solus with custom e-commerce solutions, automating manual tasks with customized scripts and providing enhanced efficiency.

Continuous Magento Support

By providing ongoing support for current Magento features and plugins, Blue Stingray helps the Solus Group maintain their e-commerce website and quickly resolve issues as they occur. When necessary, Blue Stingray’s experts are ready to create and implement new custom solutions to further improve the site’s functionality.

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