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Magento E-Commerce

To improve efficiency among World Financial Group’s staff, Blue Stingray is developing a specialized Magento solution that is carefully adapted to the company’s internal procedures for a more streamlined ordering process.

Custom Features

WFG’s new e-commerce site utilizes a heavily customized platform built on Magento. Customization helps to cut out unnecessary processes while reinforcing the site’s most prominent features, fulfilling WFG’s requirements for improved functionality.

A Responsive, Clean E-Commerce Website

Clean designs allow for more conversions, and Blue Stingray’s custom e-commerce site will give WFG’s customers a better ordering experience. The site is mobile responsive, user friendly and intuitive, with an improved design for more efficient browsing.

InfoPlus Connect

More integration means more efficiency. WFG’s e-commerce website will connect with Materialogic’s InfoPlus management system, fully integrating for a smoother experience.

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