Building Custom Cloud Solutions Since 2009.

We are a team of software engineers dedicated to developing custom cloud solutions to meet your specific needs.

Who Are We? And What Do We Do?

Our CEO, Brian Rehg, has been developing enterprise internet/cloud solutions since 1993. Throughout his career, Brian has learned that behind every successful software package is a team of strong engineers. Blue Stingray is dedicated to always employing best coding practices and providing solutions that follow the latest industry standards.

Though we specialize in built-to-order cloud-based systems, with our team’s diverse expertise, we excel in all aspects of custom software development. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and get to know their businesses inside and out. In that way, we can guarantee that the solutions we provide fit perfectly with their evolving business needs.

Building a software solution is not only about being able to meet the client’s technical requirements; it is about being able to connect with the client on a higher level and fully understand their business needs throughout project’s life-cycle.

Once Blue Stingray has deployed a software solution, we continue to be an active member of our client’s business community by addressing their immediate and future software needs. Our goal is to always be there and build a long-term, ongoing, and ever-evolving successful relationship.

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Team Leaders

Brian Rehg

Brian Rehg is the founder and CEO of Blue Stingray. Since launching the company in 2009, Brian continues to provide the vision and strategy for the agency’s growth. He has been a software engineer since 1993 and has more than 25 years of experience with corporate web applications. Under Brian’s direction, Blue Stingray won a number of digital awards and developed an extensive client base.

Brian plays an active part in every project by overseeing technical development while closely working with each client. As CEO, Brian believes in the value of team input, and his approach allows the company to regularly exceed client expectations while still completing projects on time and within budget.

Brian and Lisa Rehg are active philanthropists and have contributed to numerous fundraising efforts through St. Louis Polo Club. Blue Stingray also sponsors the annual Therapeutic Horsemanship/Tree House charity polo match and produces the event’s marketing collateral.

Dustin Sholtes

Dustin holds a master’s degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and his strong background in mathematics allows him to quickly acquire an adept knowledge of a variety of coding languages and libraries. He specializes in mobile and cloud application development and uses his expertise to develop specialized e-commerce solutions, custom reporting tools, sales tools, and web applications for a variety of platforms.

As the COO of Blue Stingray, Dustin has led the development of numerous projects, including all of our agency’s work for Monsanto and Pepsi. Dustin has won several awards for his application development, and his emphasis on functionality and efficiency makes him an excellent COO.

Holden Rehg
Lead Odoo Developer

Holden attended Iowa State University as a student of Software Engineering. During that time, he worked with high profile companies such as LinkedIn and Telepharm. Holden specializes in the implementation of cloud ERP applications and has developed numerous custom Odoo ERP solutions.

Holden has led ERP implementations for multinational companies including Bell Racing and The Solus Group. He also developed several custom enterprise e-commerce websites for companies such as TransAmerica.

Korina Bogdanovic
Executive Account Director

Korina has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA from Webster University. Korina’s technical schooling and a programming background allow her to work closely with clients during all phases of the software development lifecycle.

As the Senior Account Manager, Korina has assisted a diverse group of clients through many robust and sophisticated custom software projects including all of our development and support for TransAmerica, BHS, and The Solus Group.

Rhys Murray
Senior Software Engineer - Team Lead

Rhys serves as Blue Stingray’s e-commerce expert and leads the web and e-commerce team. He has implemented dozens of enterprise-level custom e-commerce solutions and currently manages sites for TOPS Products, TransAmerica, Popticals, and The Solus Group.

In addition to his extensive background in custom e-commerce platforms, Rhys has a strong knowledge of web design and usability, best e-commerce development practices, consulting, and project management.