Building Custom Cloud Solutions Since 2009.

We are a team of software engineers dedicated to developing custom cloud solutions to meet your specific needs.

About Us

Our CEO, Brian Rehg, has been developing enterprise internet/cloud solutions since 1993. Throughout his career, Brian has learned that behind every successful software package is a team of strong engineers. Blue Stingray is dedicated to always employing best coding practices and providing solutions that follow the latest industry standards.

Though we specialize in built-to-order cloud-based systems, with our team’s diverse expertise, we excel in all aspects of custom software development. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and get to know their businesses inside and out. In that way, we can guarantee that the solutions we provide fit perfectly with their evolving business needs.

Building a software solution is not only about being able to meet the client’s technical requirements; it is about being able to connect with the client on a higher level and fully understand their business needs throughout project’s life-cycle.

Once Blue Stingray has deployed a software solution, we continue to be an active member of our client’s business community by addressing their immediate and future software needs. Our goal is to always be there and build a long-term, ongoing, and ever-evolving successful relationship.