One Need, One App. Expand As You Grow.

Custom cloud software applications can help your business explore powerful new directions. Allow employees to work from anywhere, interact directly with your customers, or analyze detailed statistics with a few clicks. You determine what you need. You choose the features. Blue Stingray helps you bring it to reality.

Our Services:

Increased Productivity

Increased mobility equals increased productivity. Your users should be able to work from anywhere. Our custom APIs provide remote access to any information and allow real-time decisions.

When considering a cloud application, many factors come into play. Blue Stingray has decades of combined experience and can help you evaluate options and choose the one that fits your needs best.
Blue Stingray experts can help you make informed decisions regarding features, technical considerations, and other factors affecting your project’s success. We can help you find the custom solutions to drive ROI and improve efficiency throughout your organization.

A successful project begins with a difficult set of discussions.

Develop a clear, concise, and measurable set of requirements. To learn more about our requirement gathering process, download our requirements PDF.

Blue Stingray can assist with the planning phase of your project. Our analysts will help identify objectives and set functional requirements from those objectives. We will also coordinate with individuals at various levels of your organization during this process.
Gap Analysis
Our team will complete a gap analysis to assess the differences between your current processes and the new software applications and determine how the new software will meet your business requirements. We will help ensure the identified requirements will fill in any gaps and that the new solution will stand ready to take on your processes from day one.

Cloud Software Development and Customization

Blue Stingray has assisted with hundreds of Magento implementations, advanced customizations, and proprietary extensions.

Implementation Methodology
Implementation encompasses the entire process of integrating and deploying a software application. That includes evaluating needs, establishing specifications, planning the deployment, configuring the software, loading data, and training the users. It does not generally extend to software customization, nor support and maintenance.

Success Packages

Blue Stingray provides ERP support packages. This is the best option for clients who are in need of frequent support and customizations.

Support and maintenance are the key factors for a smooth-functioning solution. Blue Stingray provides expert software support, ensuring an efficient, reliable experience.
After implementation, your cloud software application will need a small amount of maintenance to run seamlessly. Blue Stingray can help you implement updates, changes, or process improvements.

Our Custom Cloud Clients