We Build The Game Plan.

Blue Stingray will create the game plan to ensure that all of the expectations are met. We will collect the requirements for the planned system from users and stakeholders involved. Blue Stingray will fully understand the project expectations to ensure that the proposed solution is a success.
Blue Stingray will gather information from all stakeholders to understand systems that are currently in place and determine process pains. We will perform a detailed analysis of current software solutions to identify workflows and processes.
Requirement gathering, also known as requirement engineering, is the process of determining the client's expectations for a completed solution. The collected list of required features will be clearly defined and detailed. This list of features will be recorded in an outline of functional requirements.
Blue Stingray will verify that the analyzed processes meet your expectations and that the final solution will fulfill its intended purpose. All planned processes will be examined during this phase. This is where Blue Stingray will confirm that the game plan is on the right track.
Road Map
Blue Stingray will perform an in-depth gap analysis to determine where you currently are with your software systems and where you want to be with your new solution. We focus on what features need to be built to fill the gap between your current systems and a new one.
To learn more about our requirement gathering process, download our requirements pdf.