Web Development

A better website means more organic traffic and clear, effective branding. Blue Stingray offers a comprehensive resource for web development, and our customized approach optimizes every element of your site to deliver a polished, professional look and exceptional performance. As Magento experts, we can also introduce a shopping system that gives your customers instant access to your products and services.

Features include:

E-Commerce Solutions for All Industries

An online storefront gives your customers a convenient, secure way to place orders and to view product information. By utilizing existing frameworks like Magento and Woocommerce, we build a store that engages your entire customer base across multiple platforms.

Visitors can place orders on computers, tablets, and smartphones, and you can easily manage your stock, track sales statistics or make instant changes through a user-friendly administration panel.

Responsive Design for a Better User Experience

Our design teams have won 11 awards over the last two years, and our goal is to create an efficient and attractive site with intuitive interfaces that function on any device.

Instead of building individual sites for different viewing experiences, Blue Stingray uses responsive designs; regardless of how your customers reach your website, they’re always presented with a full set of features, and you can easily perform updates without mirroring changes across multiple sites.

Interactive HTML5 Features

Blue Stingray’s HTML5 experts can create interactive infographics, user-controlled product demos and other web applications that engage your users, providing a uniquely captivating experience.

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