CHP Calculator

Custom Web App / Responsive Design



Our developers created a solution for time-consuming manual entry of project requirements. Eliminating a multi-step process, our web application allows clients to make quick and easy calculations on their tablets and smartphones.

User Roles

The CHP calculator was designed to offer an easy tool for Martin’s salespeople, but also act as a user-friendly quote request form for interested customers. By creating separate user roles with distinct logins, we were able to offer the best experience for each target audience with just one software application.

Streamlined UX

As research continues, user experience standards evolve, and we offered Martin a clean design based on best practices to ensure the satisfaction of their existing and potential customers.

Responsive Cloud App

Our team turned this traditional desktop application into a cloud-based calculator application that can more effectively determine a client’s power generation options. The end result was not only cloud based, but available across devices.

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