The Improv Shop

Web Development / Responsive Design / Branding

Insightful User Experience

Using the popular WordPress platform, we gave the Improv Shop a full redesign by combining the latest design trends with well-founded UI patterns. This distinctive website is more than informational; it demonstrates our team’s fresh approach to user experience.

Easy Updates

In addition to a creative redesign, our client now has access to the user-friendly WordPress CMS. Anyone with access can easily edit or make updates to the website, allowing Improv to stay relevant and connected to their customer base.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

The Improv Shop website effectively resizes on all devices and allows users to easily access all functionality on desktop, tablet, and mobile without hassle. Users can get information they need at anytime from any location.

Creative Redesign

Our client wanted their new website to showcase their true culture, so our team completely re-branded this local business to convey their fun and innovative spirit on a digital platform. As soon as users visit the site, it’s clear they’ve entered a creatively engaging atmosphere for learning, expression and entertainment.

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