In the News: Brian Rehg decodes programming for all at Monocle Learning Center

In the News: Brian Rehg decodes programming for all at Monocle Learning Center

Recently, our CEO Brian Rehg spoke with Amanda Woytus of St. Louis Magazine about our new Monocle Learning Center. Here is what he had to say…

“Baxter is a big draw.

Who’s Baxter? The high-tech collaborative robot (or “cobot”) who lives at Monocle Learning Center, the newest addition to CEO Brian Rehg’s software solutions company, Blue Stingray. Rehg, whose résumé is studded with tech gigs with the Air Force, the Department of Defense, and Mastercard, grew up in Fairview Heights and had friends whose families struggled financially. He knew he wanted to introduce kids from similar backgrounds to tech. So he carved out a place for Monocle at Blue Stingray; kitted out the space on Laclede’s Landing with a bunch of tablets and, of course, Baxter; and invited aspiring techies to come learn to code. When a little girl from the organization Join Hands, in East St. Louis, took a tour of the learning center and saw the red-and-gray Bender lookalike, she told Rehg she wanted to work in the tech world. With plans to recruit some of his current pupils for jobs, Rehg says, “it seems like the more we give back, the more that comes to us.”” …

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“Blue Stingray has helped us so much with our development. Not being coders ourselves, we have appreciated Blue Stingray’s professional manner and ability to get things done quickly. We love working with the Blue Stingray staff and feel that they really care for us and our business.”

— Angela Sandler, CEO, xplor
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