Blue Stingray and Soulcial Kitchen Fight Food Insecurity with Food Trucks

Blue Stingray and Soulcial Kitchen Fight Food Insecurity with Food Trucks

Nov 4, 2021 – St. Louis, Missouri – Food trucks have become a mainstay of the St. Louis region in recent years — and now, we’re working with Soulcial Kitchen to use mobile food services to fight hunger.

Soulcial Kitchen is an Illinois virtual kitchen platform that focuses on giving back to the community by offering high-quality nutrition to people in need. Blue Stingray and Soulcial Kitchen are proud to announce the “Love Thy Neighbor” initiative, which sends food trucks to vulnerable neighborhoods throughout the St. Louis region.

On November 4, 2021, Soulcial Kitchen’s “Love Thy Neighbor” initiative deployed a food truck to support Call for Help, a St. Clair County organization offering free, confidential counseling services for victims of sexual assault. Blue Stingray sponsored the visit, which provided 100 hot, nutritious meals to area residents at no charge.

“Soulcial Kitchen’s commitment to fighting hunger and homelessness is inspiring, and I’m proud that Blue Stingray is contributing to their efforts,” said Brian Rehg, CEO of Blue Stingray. 


Your business can help by providing free meals to communities in need.

Businesses can contact Soulcial Kitchen to participate in the Love Thy Neighbor Program. Through the initiative, food trucks are deployed to underserved communities through local charities. Each sponsorship provides 100 hot meals. Sponsors also receive a coupon to treat their employees to a food-truck-catered event, or they may elect to receive tokens through Soulcial Kitchen’s “Currency of Caring” program; these tokens provide access to a diverse selection of free meals at Soulcial Kitchen trucks.

At Blue Stingray, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back — and the Love Thy Neighbor initiative offers a unique opportunity to help communities throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan region. 

In addition to the Love Thy Neighbor program, Blue Stingray has supported TREE (Therapy, Recreation, Education, and Exploration) House of Greater St. Louis, which provides equine-assisted therapy for children with disabilities. Blue Stingray was recently recognized by St. Louis Business Journal as one of the city’s biggest corporate philanthropists of 2020 among companies with fewer than 100 total employees. 

“Blue Stingray excels at listening, engaging, transforming code, and delivering a software solution that actually exceeds the needs.”

— Milton Cornwell, COO Co-Founder, Copper Peak Logistics
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