Introducing Odoo 11

Introducing Odoo 11

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Odoo 11 ERP is here. The newly launched version is loaded with features and a slick interface.

The engine is lightning fast — the 300 percent speed increase from previous versions is notable, to say the least. If you are already running Odoo and have an enterprise-level organization, you will notice an even greater improvement, since larger databases will result in more substantial increases in speed.

If you are not yet running Odoo, now is the time to get started.

Here are some of the key features (keeping in mind that there are many, many others):

App Driven
The Odoo 11 app store has more than 10,000 apps to meet any of your business’s needs.

Kanban Views
Long lists can be painful to view and navigate. Odoo offers Kanban views that are both intuitive and visually appealing.

Search Engine and Filtering
No more paying for customized reports! With Odoo, you can run reports and queries on any possible field that exists in your database.

The possibilities for customization are virtually endless, and Odoo 11’s scalability is absolutely unmatched.

Blue Stingray can help your business take advantage of the Odoo ERP’s powerful features and adapt them to your organization’s unique workflow.

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