Magento Success Story: Innova Disc Golf United Traffic Surge

Magento Success Story: Innova Disc Golf United Traffic Surge

Introduction: Innova DGU Magento 2 Implementation

Disc Golf United was created by INNOVA in the early 2000’s to establish a universal system for disc golf players. After establishing a universal handicapping system, they created online services to grow the game of disc golf and create a community for players. The disc golf community is a strong community that supports their players, typically, by buying signature series discs.

The Problem: Traffic Spikes and Performance Issues

Disc Golf United was in the middle of transitioning from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and seeing issues with their online purchasing system. Upon the release of a new product, traffic spikes would hinder the ability for consumers to purchase products.

The largest hurdle for Disc Golf United appeared when releasing new discs, especially tour series discs. The high demand for these products created a buying frenzy that Disc Golf United’s systems could not handle.

The Solution: Magento 2 and Performance Upgrades

Blue Stingray completed the transition to Magento 2 for Disc Golf United, and continued to monitor and improve their e-commerce platform over multiple years.

Without an in-house developer, we’ve relied on Blue Stingray to help us launch our online store. Without them, we would have never gotten off the ground. Now that we are live, Blue Stingray has been a huge help fixing issues, making customizations to the site, improving site performance, making recommendations to help us get to the next level — you name it! They have become a reliable part of the team.

— Adrian Southern, Director, Innova Disc Golf

Blue Stingray maintained the custom functionality important to INNOVA DGU, to provide a solution that resolves the traffic issues of their e-commerce platform without sacrificing company specific needs. The focus on bolstering the capability to handle traffic spikes for a custom solution allowed for consumers to have an overall improved buying experience.

Magento 2 Implementation and Results

As a Magento Certified Partner, Blue Stingray’s wealth of knowledge and experience made us the perfect partner for Disc Golf United. Blue Stingray completed the necessary improvements to deliver an improved system to meet the demands of Disc Golf United, and their consumers’ needs.

After implementation, an immediate improvement was seen in handling e-commerce traffic. After working with Disc Golf United over the past years to monitor and resolve ongoing issues, the platform now operates exceptionally.

Kudos to you and your [Blue Stingray] team. We released the sought after Halo Champion Wraith and received an onslaught of activity on the site and the site held up well.

— Todd Harrell, Innova Disc Golf

Recent releases of high-demand discs resulted in flawless execution by their e-commerce platform, with no service interruptions or performance issues.

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“Our Odoo project was on hold, just not working, until we met the Blue Stingray team. We’re about to go live and we can’t wait. We know that the Blue Stingray team has the expertise and the commitment to give us the long-term support we need.”

— Shaad Schubert, Director of Business Operations at Silkworm, Inc.
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