Top Odoo 12 Features for Your Business

Top Odoo 12 Features for Your Business

Odoo 12 has introduced significant improvements to its core structure as well as overall system efficiency. Usability, productivity tracking, and operational efficiency are just a few of the improvements in this version. Blue Stingray has completed an in-depth analysis of the system, and these are some of the new features we’re most excited about:

Odoo 12 Additions to the Odoo Accounting Module

Odoo’s Accounting module has been updated with a robust new dashboard. The dashboard allows users to instantly access their most commonly used accounting features. The new system makes it easy to set up the entire accounting structure with only a few clicks.

The Simplified Accounting Setup Process Includes:

  • Add/import company data
  • Set up a bank account to sync bank feeds
  • Define fiscal years
  • Configure a chart of accounts

Odoo 12 users can quickly import vendor bills from the dashboard, with far fewer clicks than in Odoo 11.

Document Management Module

One of the sleek new features of Odoo 12 is the new Document Management module, which provides the following features:

  • Document management by departments
  • Easily track business processes
  • Ability to perform mass actions on documents
  • Ability to upload documents and sign them electronically

Website Management in the New Odoo

Users can simultaneously manage multiple websites in Odoo 12, marking a great improvement from previous versions. For companies that operate multiple storefronts tied to one accounting system, this feature is a must.

In addition, Odoo 12 can now capture visitor data for marketing purposes, similar to Google Analytics.

Odoo Studio Improvements

Without a doubt, one of the greatest features of Odoo is Odoo Studio. It allows functional users to customize the system without needing to dig into the code.

Odoo 12 goes a step further, introducing a drag-and-drop feature that makes customization even simpler. In addition, functional users can now easily customize any report, something that was not provided in previous versions.

Productivity Tools

Odoo 12 offers a variety of productivity tools, such as full keyboard navigation and shortcuts. Daily tasks, like managing, accessing, and modifying activities, are also significantly improved in the new version of Odoo.

New User Roles

New users can now be assigned any of several User Types. These include:

  • Internal User
  • Portal
  • Public

Expanded IoT Support

Odoo 12 comes equipped with IoT support and provides a way to manage IoT devices from its dashboard. The latest Odoo release also comes with tools that support connection to IoT devices and allow for management from Odoo’s dashboard.

New Feature in the Odoo Chatter Area

The Chatter Area now supports drag-and-drop attachments.

Multi-Filtering for Odoo 12 Financial Reports

Users can now use nested filters when customizing Financial Reports.

Discussion/Chat Improvements

In Odoo 12, users can see when someone is writing a message to other users.

Support for Electronic Signatures

A valuable electronic signature feature has been added to Odoo 12.

New Payment Processors

Two new payment processors are now part of Odoo 12:

Easy Data Entry From Attached Documents

Odoo 12 provides an easy way to copy data from scanned documents into the Expenses module.

Better Social Sharing

When promoting a website, Odoo now allows users to choose which image they would like to include in the social media post. This marks yet another improvement for the marketing department.

These are just a few of the Odoo 12 features we’re thrilled to implement for our customers. If you are interested in learning more about this ERP, contact us for a free demo and consultation.

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