2018 Client Testimonials

2018 Client Testimonials

We are only as good as our clients say we are. That’s why we prize positive feedback over every other metric of success. Only when the client is happy can we say that we’ve served our purpose and achieved our goal.

But implementing a new cloud solution always takes teamwork. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, bringing equal investment to the project. We see ourselves as extensions of the client’s team, with all the responsibility and equal trust that entails. Our goal is to build long-term relationships. To that end, we remain available to our clients long after their projects have been completed.

Take a look at some of the kind words we received in 2018:

As soon as I started working with Blue Stingray, it was pretty clear that they were more sophisticated in their approach than the other companies we had tried. I had gotten pretty familiar with these platforms during our hunt for a dependable provider, and I could tell they had the technical knowledge we need.

Based on our experience Blue Stingray is the best development team in America. Not everyone can do what Blue Stingray does for us. They remain our provider of choice.

— Jim Huber, COO, BHS, Inc.


Our Odoo project was on hold for a while, just not working, until we met the Blue Stingray team. They helped us jump-start the project and continued moving us in the right direction. We’re about to go live and we can’t wait. We know that the Blue Stingray team has the expertise and the commitment to give us long-term support. 

— Shaad Schubert, Director of Business Operations, Silkworm Inc.


Without an in-house developer, we’ve relied on Blue Stingray to help us launch our online store. Without them, we would have never gotten off the ground. Now that we are live, Blue Stingray has been a huge help fixing issues, making customizations to the site, improving site performance, making recommendations to help us get to the next level — you name it! They have become a reliable part of the team.

— Adrian Southern, Director, Innova Disc Golf


Blue Stingray has helped us so much with our development. Not being coders ourselves, we have appreciated their professional manner and ability to get things done quickly. We love working with the Blue Stingray staff and feel that they really care for us and our business.

Their ability to quickly react has helped us reach timelines and milestones that, prior to them, we didn’t feel confident in. After our site relaunched, we received 25 percent more traffic to the site, and the ease of use was increased immensely. Blue Stingray’s ability to advise us on the needs and wants of a consumer using an e-commerce site versus what we previously had helped so much in identifying small things we could change that would make a big impact.

Blue Stingray isn’t just our development engineers team, they are part of our company. They’re committed to the goals and objectives that we need to achieve, and they go 100 percent to make sure that we can be as successful as possible.

— Angela Sandler, CEO, xplor


TAG Sports Gear was on a mission to find the right e-commerce platform that would help us reach, at that time, an untapped online customer base. Blue Stingray was the answer! After the initial meeting, we knew Blue Stingray had the knowledge needed to help us create the exact e-commerce site we envisioned. We can’t be more pleased with the work that they have done for us.

The Blue Stingray team is professional and quick to respond. They really helped us understand the process and how e-commerce website works. We feel that the quality of their work helped us excel at what we do. We are getting our products to consumers through a sophisticated e-commerce site and, thanks to the Blue Stingray team, our mission is accomplished.

— Robin Catiller, Operations Manager, TAG Sports Gear


Working with Blue Stingray to develop our own billing software allowed us to combine all of our accounts in one place, which made our customer service representatives more efficient while on the phone with our members & clients. Once our billing software was customized and developed, it provided the capacity we needed to grow our contract services.

Blue Stingray customizes their products to meet our needs and provides the tools we need to stay connected throughout the process.

— Stephanie Westendorf, VP of Operations, EJ Water Cooperative


Although our company provides IT and development services, sometimes there are project needs from our customers that go beyond our core competency or that conflict with the timing of other projects. Blue Stingray has been our go-to company for these needs and they’ve never disappointed.

They treat our customer like their own and work hard to meet everyone’s needs on time and on budget. When we’ve faced challenging circumstances on some projects, Blue Stingray’s team has always remained positive, professional and flexible. They provide creative solutions to customer problems.

Most importantly, they are quick to react when a customer’s needs change over time. We know that Blue Stingray is a company we can rely on for any of our projects.

— Jason Kirkpatrick, Implementation Manager, Level One Technologies Inc.


Blue Stingray has assisted my teams with IT projects across multiple companies. This work has involved understanding our ERP legacy code base and connecting it to e-commerce sites for simple B2C transactions or complex B2B functionality.

Currently, they are building a new Odoo ERP based business center for us. They have demonstrated extensive software design knowledge, commitment to hitting timelines and deliverables, and left to ourselves we would never have gotten so much accomplished in such a short period of time.

I admire their ability to listen, engage, transform code, and deliver a software solution that actually exceeds the needs. They are our top resource for custom software development.

— Milton Cornwell, COO & Co-Founder, Copper Peak Logistics


Blue Stingray has been, and continues to be, a vital part of our e-commerce team.”

— TOPS Office Products
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