Blue Stingray Is “The Best Odoo ERP and Magento E-commerce Team in America,” and Here Is Why

Blue Stingray Is “The Best Odoo ERP and Magento E-commerce Team in America,” and Here Is Why


Brian Rehg, founder of Blue Stingray, believes he has assembled the best Odoo ERP, e-commerce, and web application development teams in the United States. But these aren’t just the opinions of a proud business owner; Blue Stingray clients say the same.

BHS, Inc. is a global manufacturing company with headquarters here in St. Louis. Prior to meeting the Blue Stingray team, COO Jim Huber spent years searching for the right Magento e-commerce developer. There were quite a few around at that time, but none offered the expertise required to meet BHS’s sophisticated needs.

“They all offered great service, but their capabilities ran out before they solved our problems,” Huber said. “That’s when I knew it was time to move on.”

Custom Magento Solutions in Support of Manufacturing Excellence

After many disappointing partnerships with local Magento developers, Huber reached out to Blue Stingray. Rehg and Huber met, and soon Blue Stingray became an official Magento and WordPress support team for BHS. This time, something was different.

“It was pretty clear that Blue Stingray was more sophisticated in their approach than the others we had tried,” Huber said. “I had gotten pretty familiar with these platforms during our hunt for a dependable provider, and I could tell Brian’s team has the technical knowledge we need.”

Indeed, Blue Stingray met all of the BHS needs and now, almost 5 years down the road, continues to manage numerous WP and Magento sites. The C-suite at BHS was also happy with Blue Stingray’s work, and more opportunities were to come out of the relationship.

Searching for the Best Odoo Developers in the Country

Of course, BHS’s business needs didn’t end with Magento. Huber was also searching for a powerful new ERP system. With Rehg’s guidance, Huber settled on Odoo, and started searching for an Odoo team located within the United States. The team would work in unison with Blue Stingray to support a custom Odoo solution that required three distinct custom Odoo instances.

BHS contacted many Odoo development firms across the U.S. Again, they couldn’t find what they were looking for — which was an Odoo team that was as knowledgeable as Blue Stingray.

The Blue Stingray development team had answers for all of Huber’s difficult questions. They worked with the client to design custom solutions, and were able to implement all three Odoo ERP instances without the assistance of outside Odoo development teams.

“It was strange,” Huber said. “We went down the list of Odoo partners throughout America, but no one would ever pick up or return any of my calls. That’s when I realized that many of those ‘partners’ are really just sales offices without any developers.”

Blue Stingray is staffed almost entirely by the very developers who design the systems. Clients can talk directly to the person writing the code, without intermediaries or persistent sales efforts.

“Blue Stingray is probably the best development team in the United States, based on our experience,” Huber said. “We should know. It feels like we talked to all of them.”

It is true; Huber’s evaluation is based on extensive research and interviews with development companies from all over the nation. He makes the same claims about the Blue Stingray Magento team, who he turned to after terminating three previous service providers for lack of custom Magento development knowledge.

“Not everyone can do what Blue Stingray does for us,” Huber said. “They remain our provider of choice.”

Odoo Development for Every Industry

It isn’t just top players in the manufacturing sector who are pleased to work with Blue Stingray. A very similar dynamic played out between the developers and a regional leader in custom apparel, graphic design, and promotional products.

Shaad Schubert is Director of Business Operations at Silkworm, an Illinois-based company with more than 60 employees. When he started looking for a custom ERP provider, he ran into problems that would be familiar to the BHS team.

“Our Odoo project was on hold for a while, just not working, until we met the Blue Stingray team,” Schubert said. “They helped us jump-start the project and continued moving us in the right direction. We’re about to go live and we can’t wait. We know that the Blue Stingray team has the expertise and the commitment to get us long-term support.”

Blue Stingray prides itself on being one of the strongest open source cloud development teams in the United States. We have developed large custom cloud solutions for Fortune 100 companies and implemented dozens of custom Odoo ERP instances, as well as custom enterprise Magento solutions.

If you are interested in learning how we can help you achieve your highest potential, contact us for a free consultation. Our team of e-commerce, ERP, and custom solutions specialists is ready to sit down with you, carefully examine your situation, and propose a solution that will be both efficient and affordable.

“We are not resellers,” says Rehg. “We are a team of hard-working developers and designers. Your vision is our vision, and we will do everything to make it a reality.”

For a free consultation or a demo, contact us at

We can’t be more pleased with the work that Blue Stingray have done for us. The Blue Stingray team is professional and quick to respond. They really helped us understand the process and how e-commerce website works.”

— Robin Catiller, Operations Manager, TAG Sports Gear
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