Odoo Success Story: Mesa Logistics Group

Odoo Success Story: Mesa Logistics Group

Odoo Success Story: Mesa Logistics Group

Mesa Logistics Group (MLG) provides premium transportation, warehousing, and installation services. As a proven leader in Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) logistics, MLG understands the importance of operational efficiency. By using Odoo as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, MLG has optimized a number of their business processes.

Odoo is more powerful when customized to each enterprise’s unique workflow. With help from Blue Stingray, MLG found an opportunity to address a key need via a custom Odoo transactions app.

The Problem: A Lengthy Process for Handling Transactions

MLG’s method for recording transactions was functional, but relied heavily on manual entry. The company’s staff input data from both Sale Orders (SOs) and Purchase Orders (POs), which was time-consuming.

The MLG team needed a custom application that would streamline their workflow without removing essential functionality. The goal:

  1. The application would record the information for a given transaction.
  2. Using that information, the application would generate customer invoices and vendor bills.

MLG requested additional features to reduce their team’s workload while ensuring that each transaction was handled appropriately. The app would need to be tested thoroughly, and it would need to be intuitive — the MLG operations team would rely on it immediately after rollout.

The Solution: A Custom Odoo Transactions App

Blue Stingray worked closely with MLG to map out the design of the transactions app by defining terminology and gathering requirements.

Custom products require regular communication, and our team addressed feedback throughout the development process. We continued to communicate after releasing the new app to the Staging builds on Odoo.sh for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Odoo.sh is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed for customized Odoo implementations.

During UAT, new features were requested and implemented. Blue Stingray also worked to address bugs, answer questions, and ensure that MLG was prepared to use the new app from day one.

The Results: A More Efficient Billing Process with Additional Opportunities for Customization

After a lengthy UAT process, the custom Odoo app was ready for official launch. It was an instant hit with MLG’s operations team: By limiting redundant manual entry, the app addressed a crucial need.

Since launch, Blue Stingray has worked with MLG to add additional features to the Transactions App and to implement other Odoo projects.

An experienced Odoo partner opens up opportunities for custom implementations and key enhancements — and Blue Stingray’s Odoo experts are proud to provide enterprises with the resources they need to optimize their workflows.

“Blue Stingray has been a huge help fixing issues, making customizations to the site, improving site performance, making recommendations to help us get to the next level — you name it! They have become a reliable part of the team.”

— Adrian Southern, Director, Innova Disc Golf
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