The Industrial Internet of Things is Here; Blue Stingray Can Help You Take The First Step

The Industrial Internet of Things is Here; Blue Stingray Can Help You Take The First Step

Smart devices surround us. They are in our offices, our schools, grocery stores, and our homes. Recent studies show that roughly 80 percent of U.S. homes have at least one smart device in them. By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to reach $581 billion, with an annual growth rate of 15 percent.

When applied to the industrial sector, IoT becomes IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things. In IIoT networks, manufacturing machines are embedded with software, sensors, and actuators that allow them to communicate and exchange data. Faster production and optimized processing are among many advantages these real-time, dynamic systems provide.

The Advantages of an IIoT System

Still, some remain skeptical. A step into the unknown always feels risky at first.

With little research, however, companies find that the benefits of utilizing IIoT technologies are undeniable. These new systems streamline vital work processes through an unprecedented sharing of information. Manufacturing systems are now communicating and providing valuable information on their processing and well-being.

IIoT allows manufacturers to bring automation, real-time decision-making, and predictive analytics to the production floor. It helps them achieve full visibility across operations and gain access to data that was traditionally inaccessible.

Building an IIoT network can be as simple as connecting IoT devices to existing machines. The IoT device collects data from the machine and transfers it into an ERP for organization and processing. Once organized, data can be used for in-depth inquiries such as advanced analytics.

Blue Stingray Works with the Latest IIoT Technologies

Recently, at the request of one of our manufacturing clients, Blue Stingray acquired an IIoT Developer Kit. We will use this cutting-edge technology to connect manufacturing machines to an existing ERP system, thereby establishing a complete IIoT network.

The kit itself is simple enough. It contains all of the components it takes to develop IIoT applications, including:

  • Wireless Ethernet I/O module
  • WebAccess with an open interface
  • Extension board for sensor status simulation
  • Micro USB for power input

The module has an interface that allows mobile access to AP mode and the configuration panel. It collects data from integrated machines and transfers it onto the cloud for intelligent processing. The technology is capable of communicating with both legacy and Ethernet-enabled machines.

For legacy systems, the module collects data and completes protocol translation before transferring data onto the cloud. For Ethernet-enabled devices, the module directly connects to the cloud making the data transfer an easy upload process.

Once the I/O module has been attached to the machine, Blue Stingray can connect it to the ERP of your choice. This will establish an open communication channel between the machine and the ERP, allowing for free data transfer. Data will then be loaded onto the ERP’s control panel for dynamic, real-time, and ad-hoc intelligent processing.

Contact Blue Stingray to Get Started with IIoT

We specialize in the implementation of ERP systems and their integration with IoT frameworks, especially for industrial applications. For more information on how we can transform your manufacturing network into an intelligent system, contact us or send us an email at

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