Why Odoo 10 Will Change the Role of the Manufacturing ERP

Why Odoo 10 Will Change the Role of the Manufacturing ERP

Blue Stingray’s Odoo team is excited to announce support for the newest version of the Odoo enterprise management application suite.

In 2014, Odoo released version 9, which included a large upgrade to the Odoo accounting app. Version 10 will provide an equally significant upgrade to the Manufacturing app, along with a set of new features that will further improve functionality for Odoo users in a variety of industries.

Odoo concentrated on upgrading its Manufacturing app for this release because most manufacturing software applications and ERPs are outdated, clunky, and complicated. Manufacturers often have to resort to using multiple software solutions to handle their day-to-day needs, which inevitably results in efficiency issues.

The new Odoo 10 Manufacturing app will be disruptive to these old-school software solutions, as it’s elegantly designed to manage workflows, establish strong inventory controls, and allow for improved productivity in any manufacturing business, regardless of product, work force size, or other factors.

Prior to the release, Odoo analyzed eight other popular manufacturing software suites in order to determine the pros and cons of each system. Odoo 10 uses the pros from each system, but thanks to a modern approach, Odoo remains easy to use, intuitive, and uniquely flexible. No other manufacturing ERP offers identical functionality.

Blue Stingray’s Odoo team, the Odoods, have trained on Odoo 10 since its release, and we’re currently offering demonstrations for our clients.
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Major updates to the Odoo manufacturing app include:

  • Workflows
  • Inventory Controls
  • Departments and Their Roles
  • Picking Types to Include Manufacturing Operation
  • Updated Bill of Material Functionality
  • New Search View
  • Routing
    • Easy: no routing & work order, only BoM and Manufacturing Orders
    • Advanced: a many2one on the BoM: routing_id allowing to share routing from one product to another

For Work Centers:

  • Updated Scheduling
  • State and Material Availability
  • Costing
  • Unbuild
  • Product Configurator and Variants
  • Work Orders
  • Procurements
  • Buying Matrixes
  • Dashboard – Floor Plant
  • Work Center – Control Panel
  • Sequence of Operations
  • Work Sheets

Updates to the Odoo Human Resources app in Odoo 10:

  • New Expense Tracking
  • Employee Badge Scanning

Updates to Helpdesk with Ticketing app in Odoo 10:

  • Odoo 10 Helpdesk with Ticketing
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Ticketing

Along with all the great upgrades and new features listed above, Odoo added in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The new PLM module adds features onto the existing manufacturing process to ease the maintenance of a bill of materials and routing. This includes the additional fields reference to plan, owner, change requests (to change BOM), traceability features, efficient management of attachments like project plans, product management, and revision history.

This is just a brief overview of all the amazing new Odoo 10 features, and our Odoods team is ready to help customers utilize the full power of the software suite to run businesses more efficiently. If you would like to have a demo of Odoo 10, please contact the odoods at odoo@bluestingray.

“Without an in-house developer, we’ve relied on Blue Stingray to help us launch our online store. Without them, we would have never gotten off the ground.”

— Adrian Southern, Director, Innova Disc Golf
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