Should I Switch to Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

Should I Switch to Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that has quickly become a standard for online businesses. It’s flexible, scalable, and robust — and profitable, which is certainly a key consideration. 

According to one IDC Business Value white paper:

  • Businesses that use Adobe Commerce realize a 3-year return on investment (ROI) of 247%.
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud businesses also saw 29% higher platform revenue. 
  • Most businesses broke even on their investment within a year.

But if your business is already using Shopify, WooCommerce, or another e-commerce solution, the decision to migrate to Adobe Commerce might not be easy. Other platforms are more intuitive, while Adobe Commerce is most capable in the hands of users with advanced technical knowledge.

At Blue Stingray, we support all of the ways our clients do business — we don’t recommend a platform change unless it will help a client achieve their goal outcomes. With that said, we generally recommend Adobe Commerce when our clients need to improve efficiency, security, or add new features to larger e-commerce sites. 

If you’re considering a switch to Adobe Commerce, here’s what you need to know. 


Adobe Commerce Works Best For Larger B2C And B2B Businesses.

Every business can use Adobe Commerce out of the box, but the platform is ideally suited for scale. Without extensive customization, it provides personalized commerce experiences through features like:

  • Support for multiple brands through a single platform.
  • Quick, secure checkouts without password requirements.
  • Integrated B2B functionality with custom catalogs and pricing.
  • A fully integrated payment solution that provides key data from every storefront via a single dashboard.
  • A full content management system (CMS) with a powerful page builder.
  • Inventory and order management, data warehousing, PCI compliance, and more.

Adobe Commerce scales with your business while providing total freedom to tailor customer experiences. For smaller retailers, other e-commerce platforms may be easier or faster to implement — Shopify, for example, is less complex and more intuitive — but if you’re planning for growth, Magento makes sense.


For Niche Businesses, Adobe Commerce Provides Extensive Options For Customization.

Magento gained a reputation for flexibility thanks to third-party extensions, and Adobe Commerce retains that trend. Via extensions, Magento/Adobe Commerce sites can:

  • Integrate with all shipping carriers and implement automation.
  • Extensively personalize coupons, catalogs, and related product suggestions.
  • Enhance omnichannel marketing campaigns via email, SMS, and push notifications.
  • Send action-based triggered emails that target customers after the initial sale, or follow up with potential customers who abandon their carts.
  • Build lists of contacts and move data into (or out from) Magento/Adobe Commerce.
  • Implement live chat, A.I. chat, and/or self-service help resources to provide robust customer support.


Essentially, if you can think of a feature that you want from your e-commerce solution, Adobe Commerce probably has a plugin for that feature — and if not, developers can create one. That makes Adobe Commerce a better option for niche businesses that need configurable products, separate portals for B2B/B2C, or other advanced capabilities.

And while Adobe Commerce is open source, it doesn’t skimp on security: Fraud analysis and PCI compliance provide excellent security controls, and merchants retain full control over data.


Find The E-Commerce Solution For Your Business.

Blue Stingray is a St. Louis-based Magento/Adobe Commerce partner. We also have extensive experience with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other platforms. While we’re fans of Magento’s enterprise-grade capabilities, our goal is to help our clients run their businesses as efficiently as possible. 

It’s important to remember that every e-commerce platform works better with the right implementation. Custom plugins and REST APIs can help you make the most from Adobe Commerce on day one — without disrupting the way you work. 

To learn about the advantages of Magento/Adobe Commerce, read a few success studies: 

Whether you’re considering a full upgrade to Adobe Commerce or exploring options for a new e-commerce storefront, we’re here to help. Find out more about Blue Stingray’s e-commerce services or sign up for a demo on our Magento page.


“Blue Stingray has been a huge help fixing issues, making customizations to the site, improving site performance, making recommendations to help us get to the next level — you name it! They have become a reliable part of the team.”

— Adrian Southern, Director, Innova Disc Golf
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