It Pays to Make Blue Stingray Your Odoo Partner — Here’s Why

It Pays to Make Blue Stingray Your Odoo Partner — Here’s Why

If you’re looking for an experienced team of Odoo engineers to help you get the most out of your Odoo open source ERP platform, you’ve come to the right place. With dozens of successful Odoo implementations and countless happy customers, we are considered experts in the field. We’re confident that our team will help you gain maximum value from your Odoo build at an affordable price.

Here’s why:

We Offer the Full Range of Odoo Services

Blue Stingray is a certified Odoo partner with years of experience implementing large and complex ERP platforms. From simple nudges to full-scale Odoo implementations, our team can help you achieve your ERP goals. Our areas of expertise within the Odoo platform include:

  • Implementation  – The Blue Stingray team can help you implement your Odoo instance and gain the full benefits of this powerful platform.
  • Customization – Because Odoo is an open source platform, the possibilities for customization are endless. Blue Stingray can customize Odoo to create a unique system that meets your precise business needs.
  • Integration – Blue Stingray specializes in the integration of different systems and establishing connections that keep data in synch, especially where Odoo’s involved.
  • Consultation – Our team of engineers is available for consultation on an as-needed basis. If you have a team of in-house developers that just need a bit of guidance on Odoo, or if you simply need someone to answer technical or functional questions, our team can help.
  • Training – We provide full-scale training in both functional and technical areas. We don’t just implement the system and move on — our team sticks around for the long haul to make sure you have perfect mastery over your Odoo instance.
  • Upgrades – Ready to move on to a newer version? Blue Stingray can help. Odoo upgrades are minimally intrusive to your daily processes.
  • Requirements-gathering – If you’re ready to start the process, but don’t necessarily have all of your business requirements gathered, Blue Stingray can help with that, too. At the end of the process, we will provide you with the full Requirements Gathered document package which you can use with the Odoo implementation team of your choice, whether that’s us or someone else.

Of course, we hope that you stay with us — and there are more good reasons to do so.

Blue Stingray’s Odoo Team is Located in the U.S.A.

Our Odoo team consists of experienced engineers who are experts in both technical and functional aspects of Odoo. One thing is for sure — you will find all of our developers working in our U.S.-based office.

Blue Stingray never outsources or uses off-shore developers. When it comes to implementing complex software solutions, time-efficiency is crucial, and immediate service is a predictor of success. You shouldn’t have to wait 12 or more hours to receive an answer to any question, no matter how complex. While working with us, you will never need to do so. Our engineers are here to assist with any Odoo need in a timely and efficient fashion.

In addition, Blue Stingray does not believe in a multi-layered chain of command and large numbers of middle managers. You will work directly with our engineers who will answer your functional or technical inquiries quickly, and with friendly, accessible service.

We Operate a Bit Differently Than Other Odoo Developers

When you choose Blue Stingray, from moment one, you will be working with technical experts. Our engineers have completed a significant number of system implementations — in Odoo and beyond — and we’re aware of every conceivable challenge. Odds are, we’ve faced it before.

Our team is trained to handle large software implementations professionally and with minimal intrusion to your team — that is, we’ll handle the software side of things while you focus on growing your business. Of, course, as with any ERP implementation, your continuous involvement with the project is crucial. We will guide you through the process and ensure that demands on your time are as limited as possible.

Every time you talk to a member of the Blue Stingray team, you can be assured that you are talking with an expert, a person who is actively working on your implementation and can answer your questions accurately and with the details that pertain to your project. You will not need to repeat yourself to different team members or go through a lengthy process just to get an update. We are here always, either in your time zone or very close to it, and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness.

We also know that, sometimes, it’s simpler to handle things in person. That’s why Blue Stingray engineers are available to travel to your office and work on-site with you and your team, face-to-face.

Getting Started on Odoo with Blue Stingray

Implementing an Odoo ERP can seem like a daunting process — until you start working with Blue Stingray. Our engineers do the heavy lifting, and we’ll help you understand each step of the way.

If you’re interested in how Blue Stingray can help you with your Odoo implementation, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Whether your project involves tweaking an existing Odoo system or building a comprehensive ERP from the ground up, Blue Stingray is your ideal partner.

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